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Uga Carlini , President of Towerkop Creations is an award winning director, screenwriter and producer. Her extensive film career stretches over continents that include South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia and Fiji. In Fiji she compiled and pioneered the syllabus, a first of its caliber for the South Pacific, for acting, screenwriting and filmmaking for the National University of Fiji. Uga is a PUMA Catalyst Audience Award winner for her short 'Good Planets are hard to find', an ATKV Media Veertjie nominee for Zyron Films documentary series Sewe Sakke Sout and was voted one of SA’s most extraordinary women. Towerkop Creations and Uga Carlini specialise in female driven heroine stories. Why? Because why not.

Afrikaans Definition of "Towerkop"

Tower ww. (getoor)

  1. Iets wonderbaarliks verrig deur geheimsinnige handelinge; op 'n bonatuurlike wyse iets teenatuurliks tot stand bring
  2. Deur towery in 'n sekere toestand, op 'n sekere plek bring; toertjies, kunsies uitvoer
  3. Wonderlike effekte bereik

Kop s.nw

  1. Boonste en opvallendste deel van die menslike en dierlike liggaam, verbind aan die romp deur die hals, en bevattende haarsings en die vernaamste sintuiglike organe (oë, neus, ore) en die mond; (deftig) hoof
  2. Setel van die denkvermoë, verstand

English Definition of "Magichead" (Translated)

Magic adj. & v

  1. An inexplicable or remarkable influence producing remarkable results
  2. An enchanting quality or phenomenon. adj
  3. Of or resulting from magic
  4. Producing surprising results
  5. Wonderful, exciting

Head n, adj & v

    1. The human body, or the foremost or upper part of an animal's body containing the brain, mouth and sense-organs
    2. The head regarded as the seat of intellect or repository of comprehended information
    3. Intelligence; information mental aptitude or tolerance

English Definition of "Creations"

Creation n.

    1. The act of creating
    2. A product of human intelligence, esp. of imaginative thought or artistic ablility
    3. Generation, making, beginning, origin, start, inception, genesis, birth
    4. the world, the universe, the cosmos


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