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Of Italian descent but proudly and fully South African, award winning filmmaker Uga Carlini has extensive film experience both in front of and behind the camera, with a career that’s stretched across South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia and Fiji.
A drama graduate of Stellenbosch University (specializing in acting and film-making) Uga returned to South Africa to become the founding owner of Towerkop Creations, a film company that specializes in female driven heroine stories. Towerkop Creations also prides itself in the fact that it is child friendly as Uga is a working mother as passionate about her two boys as she is about filmmaking.

Carlini’s first short, Good Planets Are Hard To Find, which tells the environmentally-themed story of Elizabeth Klarer, South Africa’s controversial, often ridiculed “First Lady of Space” and her claim to an alien love affair and some startling scientific revelations, swept up awards and accolades internationally. It won the PUMA Catalyst Audience Award at the 2012 SUSTAIN OUR AFRICA Film Festival and sold out all viewings at South Africa’s Cape Winelands Film Festival. It was also selected from over 7000 entries to be part of Berlin’s 2011 InterFilm Shorts Competition and was a featured short on US-based SNAG FILMS.

Uga’s option on the Penguin Random House best-selling book I Have Life has translated into her full-length hybrid feature Alison. Written, produced and directed by Uga, 'Alison' became one of South Africa’s most hotly-anticipated and multi award winning films. Deploying a bold mixture of fairy tale idiom and unflinching frankness to tell its story of survival, resilience and triumph, Alison was dubbed “a story of monsters, miracles and hope”.

The film had its international premiere at Dances with Films Festival in Los Angeles, where it not only got pick of the fest from Enclave LA, the hybrid film also made history by becoming the first South African film to be selected for this iconic film festival. Except for screening at many international film festivals, it also won Best Documentary at the Asia Pacific International Film Festival and a Humanitarian Film Award for best documentary at the Humanitarian Film Awards. In 2016 Alison also had an exclusive theatrical run for women's month in South Africa.

In 2017 Uga won best screenplay in the 2017 Writer's Guild of South Africa Muse Awards and best documentary of the African continent at the AMVCA 2017 Awards. Carlini, Towerkop Creations and “Alison” were also nominated in all 5 documentary categories at the 2017 SAFTAS. This included best director and best overall film in the feature documentary section.

Uga was also the mastermind behind and directed one of 2016 most successful “end violence against women” campaigns, the #butterflyrevolution which not only enjoyed broadcast time during the Olympics world-wide, but went viral on social media.

Afrikaans Definition of "Towerkop"

Tower ww. (getoor)

  1. Iets wonderbaarliks verrig deur geheimsinnige handelinge; op 'n bonatuurlike wyse iets teenatuurliks tot stand bring
  2. Deur towery in 'n sekere toestand, op 'n sekere plek bring; toertjies, kunsies uitvoer
  3. Wonderlike effekte bereik

Kop s.nw

  1. Boonste en opvallendste deel van die menslike en dierlike liggaam, verbind aan die romp deur die hals, en bevattende haarsings en die vernaamste sintuiglike organe (oë, neus, ore) en die mond; (deftig) hoof
  2. Setel van die denkvermoë, verstand

English Definition of "Magichead" (Translated)

Magic adj. & v

  1. An inexplicable or remarkable influence producing remarkable results
  2. An enchanting quality or phenomenon. adj
  3. Of or resulting from magic
  4. Producing surprising results
  5. Wonderful, exciting

Head n, adj & v

    1. The human body, or the foremost or upper part of an animal's body containing the brain, mouth and sense-organs
    2. The head regarded as the seat of intellect or repository of comprehended information
    3. Intelligence; information mental aptitude or tolerance

English Definition of "Creations"

Creation n.

    1. The act of creating
    2. A product of human intelligence, esp. of imaginative thought or artistic ablility
    3. Generation, making, beginning, origin, start, inception, genesis, birth
    4. the world, the universe, the cosmos


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